Pardon me while I do some re-decorating.

See, I have a website at www.suzanneferrell.com but my lovely website monitor is very, very busy with her other business, so we thought we’d try to move the whole thing over here where I can do the monthly maintenance myself. You know, add new books and excerpts, places I’m going to travel to for conferences or book signings. Add fun stuff.

Figured while I did that I might make my own blog, (yes, besides the one over at the Romance Bandits, www.romancebandits.com ), and maybe spruce things up a bit. It is spring around here, time to tidy up, add new paint and maybe lose some weight.

If this is the first time you’ve popped onto my wordpress blog site, WELCOME. If you want to know more about me, check out the About Me page attached. You can also check out my books on the books page of my website, or at Amazon.com, or B&N.com or KOBO.com or iApple.com.

Well, while the construction guys are working here, I’d best get back to writing. Have a new book I want to have out by June 1st!!

Thanks for stopping by

Suzanne Ferrell

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