What People Are Saying About Suz


“Seized, by Suzanne Ferrell, just blew me away. Although the book is a novella in the Edgar Family series, it packed a powerful punch. This novella was more intense than most full length romantic suspense books. The story kept the reader on the edge of their seat.”
-Five-star review from Hesperia Loves Books .com

“This (Hunted) was just one action scene after another and the in between parts were so full of sexual tension that it scorched the pages. Ms. Ferrell knows how to write suspense.”

– Five-star review on Amazon

“Ms. Ferrell’s writing is vivid and she makes each scene come alive with telling details.”
– Kathleen Baldwin

“Suzanne Ferrell takes an often-used bit of old west history along with ordinary, predictable events and creates a delightful character-driven story that catches the attention and propels one along from a quiet library in Washington, D. C. to the obscure farm of a struggling father in Colorado. The tension, humor, and ordinary doings of life make Cantrell’s Bride engaging. It is a story that reaffirms that the indomitable human spirit can meet and beat fears and hardships of life to find a happy-ever-after.”
– Four-star review on LASR

“Saddle up and get ready to ride with the hottest cowboys in the Old West! Suzanne Ferrell’s tantalizing debut, The Surrender of Lacy Morgan, sizzles with sensuality and crackles with danger. I can’t wait for more sexy adventures starring the rogues of Los Hombres Ranch!”
– Jo Davis, Bestselling author of Line Of Fire

“Suzanne Farrell’s storytelling ability takes erotic Romance to new heights.”
– Sandy Blair, Bestselling author of A Rogue In A Kilt

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